Seminars 16th - 20th Nov


Master YingJun

Mark and YJ in China
YJ posture 3

Traditional Chen Style

Tai Chi Chuan

As taught by

Master Chen YingJun

Classes in Bristol and Weston - come along and give it a go

In our classes we welcome all levels of ability and ages. We work with many people with diverse health issues and disabilities, adapting our practice to promote maximum health and wellness impact for all who practice with us. You are welcome to drop in and experience the calm, peaceful atmosphere that Tai Chi develops – but do expect to work! Many studies show how brilliant Tai Chi is for our health, but it is also practiced as a high level Martial Art, and can develop high levels of fitness and power!

Principle Instructor - Mark Leonard

Mark has been practicing Tai Chi since 1986, and has run his own classes full time in Bristol since 1990. Having dedicated his life to the learning and passing on of this complex and subtle Art, he has a wealth of experience and knowledge of many different issues that students face. Mark trains consistently with Karel Koskuba, one of the original disciples of Grandmaster Chen XiaoWang. He travels each year to spend time in either China or Germany to train with Master Chen YingJun, as well as hosting him each November

Master Chen YingJun

Our classes are based around the system taught to us directly by Master Chen YingJun, as taught to him from infancy by his father Grandmaster Chen XiaoWang – who is the 19th Generational head of the style. We have been hugely privileged to host Master YingJun for a week each autumn since 2002 (excluding Covid!). Master YingJun is incredibly dedicated to learning and teaching the art to the highest level, but is also great fun, offering the very highest level of teaching in a way accessible to all learners. Master YingJun has been acknowledged by his father as his successor, and is widely accepted to be the world leading practitioner and teacher of Chen Style.

About Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan was developed as a Martial Art around 500 years ago, and although its’ beginnings are disputed to some extent, it was certainly based on both Martial Arts and spiritual disciplines dating back thousands of years before that. Its’ essence is to realign the posture, and teach the body to move in a relaxed, natural manner. As internal tensions are released, and we begin to use the muscles and skeleton together more efficiently, the natural energy of the body increases. The body can then heal itself, and internal power can begin to develop. When the movements are practiced correctly, they also form very powerful Mindfulness exercises – the benefits of which have now been widely accepted by the NHS, after many clinical trials have shown effectiveness in a wide variety of Mental and Physical Health areas.

Come along and drop in to develop Balance and Power

Martial and Health aspects taught to the highest level

Syllabus includes:
LaoJia Long Form and Canon Fist, QiGong and Silk Reeling meditation, Broadsword, Sabre, Spear and GuangDao forms, Push-hands and Martial Applications